Sunday, October 23, 2005

That's a Wrap!

It didn't feel like the last day of Faire.

Usually regular patrons, performers, and booth employees eminate a mixed sense of joy and sadness on this day. We are joyful that the run of the Faire is over, because it's been a long 9 weekends with lots of hard work, and we look forward to the rest. We are sad because there are quite a lot of people whom we care deeply about but only see during Faire time (this is really through no fault of anyone's, it just happens that way, though we always tend to agree that it should not).

You noticed I said usually. It usually feels this way on the Day of Wrong (the Day of Wrong, by the way, was a last day of faire tradition started in California because they also had to strike their site at the end of the run, so it was really wrong to be ending!). People wear strange or out of period costumes to demonstrate the wrongness of it, I even wore a yukata today (it took an hour to get in to! I think I'll have to rethink what I'm going to wear to work on Samhain). But it just didn't feel that wrong this year. I wonder if I'll miss it less in the off-season too. Maybe it's time I find a new faire (ooo, maybe I'll even find one that will cast me!).

I saw a lot of people I was hoping to see and at least two I was hoping to not see for a very long time. And what do you do when someone who was once counted among your best friends says "Hi, I've been looking for you all day" but forgets to say, "by the way, Happy Birthday"? Well, I blog about it, apparently! I don't think he reads this, but if he does, I wonder if he will even notice I mean him. If you're reading, look at what you forgot to do!

Thus ends the weekend report of the Maryland Renaissance Festival 2005.