Tuesday, October 11, 2005

More and More

Work, that is.

They keep giving me more pages of jobs to process, and each day I've had to stay a little later, and a little later to get them done.

I hate doing that because the longer I stay, the later I get on the road, the more traffic there is, the longer it takes me to get home. (follow that?) Everyday, one of the people who send the other things that I used to be doing (one of the pair who caused all those problems for me in the spring, remember?) complains because I'm not the one doing them. I'm not sure what to make of this person. They can say all these nasty things to a manager, and then sing my praises to me. The first impression I got of them was not bad, but then I see how they act (granted, maybe it's different in a group or under pressure), and then they get all friendly again. I'm just trying to be careful what I tell this person, I don't want a rehash of that trouble they caused me last spring.

In any event, I really don't like this beginner stuff they've got me doing right now.