Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Forgot to Tell You

The yukata and the nagajuban came in on Saturday, and a really pretty statue of Artemis I ordered came in yesterday. I'm waiting from one more thing that I ordered from a shop that is to my benefit to frequent (I've talked about them before, shipping is incredibly slow). The problem is that my order status page says the order is on hold. But I've paid, I followed the instructions in the e-mail to pay with paypal, the money was deducted from my account a month ago. Why is it on hold? I've sent them an e-mail, I'm not sure how else to get in touch with them. I tell you, I'm starting to get fed up with this terrible service. I think I'm going to think twice before ordering anything from them again. This is rediculous.

So, except for the hadajuban (and I've got something that will work for it) I've got a complete kimono outfit! I'm really excited about it, that will be my Halloween dress this year (either full kimono or yukata, depending on the weather, of course). Fun fun!