Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bye Bye Virus!

My office computer picked up a virus some time ago that our expensive, heavy-duty anti-virus software couldn't eliminate. It was a minor annoyance and so left to fester. Well, this week it started to be a hindrance in my productivity, so the system guys came and took the whole computer away. I have a temporary machine to work on tomorrow morning, and by lunch time, I should have a fast, working computer again. Yay! This also gave me the chance to clean out some 3 year old files that I really didn't need to keep. However, I lost the proof that I ever did 120 forms in one day (that's the most I've ever done, and twice as much as I tend to do daily).

I've learned that a lot of the negativity I feel around my job may not be me at all. I mentioned that 2/5 of my group were off yesterday. They were both back today, and I was back to feeling not happy. But I realized, I think it's because these two folks never seem to have a positive thing to say. Are they both projecting on me so much that I too feel unhappy? Maybe. I'll just have to shield more and remember that I enjoy what I'm doing.

By the way, I enjoy what I'm doing. And I did still have a good day. Frustrating computer and all.

The forums are back up. YAY!!

Lost is back on tonight! Well... I can't really yay that, because it's on WAAAYYY too late for me. But that's what the VCR is for!

All is right with my little part of the world.

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Willow Goldentree said...

I bet it is the other people in your group. That's always too bad when they bring everyone down.