Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm Spoiled

While my computer was out for repair, I was working on another system. One that had the old, awful CRT monitor. We've got the nice flat panels near company-wide, and that's even what I have at home. It was so hard to work on that system! I couldn't get the resolution to even compare to what I'm used to and everything appeared blurry (though I know for a fact that it was not my eyes making it blurry!).

On the bright side, my computer was all ready and back by 1100. YAY!! And I worked my little fingers off again! 70 jobs completed today. I like this high, I hope it lasts!

I did have an oddly candid conversation with WAM before I left today. WAM wanted to know if I knew if something was wrong with one of our co-workers; the one whom I established has a lot of negativity about them. We were both in agreement that we seemed to have picked up on that energy, that it's probably not conscious, and that it's not personal. I know this person is under a lot of stress at home as well as at work.

We had a meeting to re-delegate our work, since we essentially lost a person and I'm taking over that all-day occupation. I think all of us noticed that our co-worker seemed not all together. But Boss² indicated that all of us were swamped (true) and that the work load is not going to go down (dang) and that we're not allowed to hire more people (shoot). See, but this also means that the bosses know that we're all swamped and we should have a little bit of swing to prioritize and get things completed.

I'm still feeling really good. I'm back doing a rewarding task that I enjoy doing, along with a few not so enjoyable things. And I've got a computer that will work with me again! I'm starting out my mornings choosing to have good days. And so far, so good!

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