Friday, February 09, 2007

Happy Days, Strange Days

I like getting along with my co-workers. I really do. I have to see these people 5-6 days a week, after all. This morning, WAM excitedly came up to me to tell me there were only 3 tickets in the Remedy queue. This is great! It means we're caught up and that other people can do other things to get even more caught up. When WAM told the other coworker who is often negative, they responded with sarcasm. I don't understand. I think that anyone should be happy that the amount of work they have to do is a little less today. WAM and I were excited to see the queue so low, it's a better service to our clients and customers that way too. That is something to be proud of. Maybe that just means that WAM and I are the 'glass half-full' people of the group.

My mother bought her and I each a book last week. It's a walking fitness program (that came with a 1 mile in-home walking dvd) by Leslie Sansone. Mom saw her on QVC and just chanced upon her book at the B&N last week. It's a six week program, that involves at it's core, a lot of walking in place. Ok, it doesn't sound like much when I put it that way, but I started my six weeks on Monday, and I'm feeling pretty good today. Maybe it's my new exercise program that's uplifted my mood (in addition to the conscious decision I made to do so as well). It's too soon to say if the walking is doing anything (why wouldn't it?) but I feel good about it, and that's enough! I won't give up on my elliptical, by the way. I spent too much money on that thing to not use it! It's similar to walking anyway, so I bet I can incorporate it into my program.

This weekend will see a little bit of overtime and a movie tomorrow, and then it's back into town on Sunday. We're going to hit the Museum of Natural History again (they've got an orchid display and I'm going to buy more rocks) and then next door to the National Gallery of Art, that my mother has been wanting to see for some time. Should be fun!

Here's to a good Friday!

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Willow Goldentree said...

To a good Friday!!!! And a fun weekend!