Friday, February 16, 2007

Romping Denied!

We left the office today, surrounded by what looked like piles of soft white snow. I decided I wanted to romp through it. What fun! I ended up just doing my Legolas impression.

See, what looked like soft white snow was actually hard, concrete-like ice that had no give whatsoever under my weight. It had no give whatsoever under my dad's weight too. Just rain on my parade. Or freeze on my romp. Whatever.

I'm really not coherant to post more than that today. I didn't sleep a wink last night. I have no idea why. Too many thoughts buzzing around my head, I guess. Today was spent in a zombie-like daze.

For those who want to know, my new profile picture --> is of me at my brother's wedding over 2 years ago. Photo by Stu. Thanks Stu!

So, today, it occurred to my sleep deprived brain that you, fair readers, have never heard the Date from Hell story. That's mostly because I started blogging after the Date from Hell. I do not actually believe in hell, in the fire and brimstone sense, but if I did, I imagine it would be like this date.

It was over 2 years ago, and I occasionally reference it among my friends. So, I'll go to bed and get that story up for you tomorrow or Sunday. Trust me, it will be fun! And at least I got a good story out of it!


Willow Goldentree said...

YAY! Date from Hell Story! I can't wait to read it! You have such a way of telling your stories.

And I've been meaning to tell you, I love your new picture. It's very becoming of you.

What do you mean by your "Legolas impression?" hehehe You have me giggling over the imagery.

Fyrecreek said...

"Legolas impression" probably will turn out to be not as giggly as it sounds.

I meant as in not sinking in the snow but walking on top of it (because it was ice that was hard as concrete). It broke a lot of windshields flying from the tops of SUVs today, actually. Glad my windshield wasn't one of them.

Fyrecreek said...

Oh, and thanks about the picture. I just went through all of Stu's images the other day and decided the blog needed something new. I like that one quite a bit. (Does that sound like a terrible thing for me to say: I like that picture of me?)

Willow Goldentree said...

Of course not! I think it's a gorgeous picture of you!

hahaha, no, that isn't as giggly an image as I had imagined.