Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's Coming

The one day of the year that I loathe above all others.

So, does anyone know what happened to January? Maybe it was trying too hard to be April. As long as April doesn't try to be January, I'm ok with that.

No word on our impending doom (aka, snow storm) as of yet. It's kind of silly, we get frequent enough Winter weather, it's silly that people don't know how to drive in it. One flake and everyone panics. Of course, there are primarily politicians and feds here. It takes a flake to know a flake, maybe? Yeah... that explains a lot.

Speaking of politics, do you all remember your American history classes in grade school, and the term "no taxation without representation" from the mid 1700's? Did you know that the non-flakes living in Washington DC (and even the flakes for that matter) pay their taxes like good little citizens but don't have a voting representative in Congress? This has been something DC has been fighting for years. Recently, they were talking about giving their representative (they do have one, she just can't vote) a vote in one of the committees, but that DC vote will only count if it is not a tiebreaker. Talk about crap! I support DC representative voting rights! My representative (who happens to be the #2 guy in the house right now) works for me, and I know this because I interned for them. What's the point of having someone in there if they can't do anything? One of the reasons why so many people sometimes don't like how things are run around here.

You know Airyn is bored out of her skull when she starts talking random politics! Maybe work will have some interest again soon.

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