Saturday, February 10, 2007

Killing Websites

My nifty website,, is a site that I pay for that uses software from I like Photosite quite a bit, it has given me a place to post photographs and images that I create. I'm limited in its layout, but otherwise, it's an easy tool to put as many images up as I please.

On Thursday, I got an e-mail from Photosite that said there was a critical update to the software that would need to be installed before March 7th. No problem! Start up the program, let the autoupdate do its thing. Then -- ERROR!! Ok, shut it down, try again -- ERROR!! Ok, shut it down, double check firewall permissions, try again - ERROR!! This is the point where we contact tech support.

Support said to check firewall permissions (did that) and if necessary, reinstall from the website over the current version that I have. Simple enough. Reinstall commenced last night. Everything was going great, I reset the firewall permissions, opened up my spiffy newly-installed version of the program and THERE WAS NOTHING THERE! No files, no pictures, no albums to publish, my website was gone. It was still on the web, yes, but my end of the software that updates it was wiped out, which meant that any update I made would in turn clear the website itself.

Panic mode on. I have hundreds of images on that site, and many clever and witty captions. It has been up for nearly two years. It would take me such a long time to update the back-end application to put everything back in place.

There was a function in my software that detected that I had installed over a previous version and had the ability to extract my site information from the host and the previous version of the software, but there was a warning to the effect of it being a tricky process that may not work and could result in my losing everything completely. I held my breath and pushed the sync button. There's so much content, I had to try. And there's so much content, even syncing up would take time. I left the computer to do its thing.

An hour later, it's still going. And my anti-virus program started doing its weekly anti-virus scan during that time, slowing everything down.

Another hour later and the status bar is showing closer to done, but otherwise no change.

I gave it another 30 minutes and went to check on it, holding my breath as I cleared the screensaver. SUCCESS! It WORKED! There was my site, and my saved images, and my settings. I had to play some more with firewall permissions (gah!) but everything was fine. WHEW!

Yesterday, I almost killed my website!


Willow Goldentree said...

Oh my god Fyrecreek, you wrote that so climactically! I was so nervous for you. Almost loosing your website or information on a computer is one of the most devastating things to occur in our age, I think. Last year, on Glen's birthday, my computer crashed. I have years worth of movie scripts, not to mention ALL of Goldentree Wands. I threw a fit and we were able to finally find it all. But it's freaky! And I am SO glad that you got your website back. Go eat some chocolate or something for a congrats on saving it.

Fyrecreek said...

I know exactly what you mean! I've had a computer crash before. We were able to save one file from that: a story I had been working on for six months. It took just as long to recover it too, and every time I tried to re-write it, it was not nearly as good. Praise be to dad! Computers are fragile things when you think about it.