Monday, February 19, 2007

A Whole Lotta Nothin' Going On

Today was one of those days where it didn't make sense to be at work: banks were closed, USPS was closed. Honestly, the deadlines in my department are all about the payment runs. There were no payment runs today! But we were all expected to be at work. (of course, all our fearless leaders took the day off.)

It was official catch-up day, and I did a fair amount of catching up, so I really don't mind going in. Also, that 50 mile morning commute goes pretty smooth when all the feds are still home in bed.

Other than that, I have nothing to report today. My weekend was tiresome, as usual, my sleep was not enough, and my cats are fuzzy.

This weekend, I will be tumbling down a mountain with a snowboard strapped to my feet. There had better be snow this time. The last time we tried to go out, it rained, and my brand new girly pink snowboard has yet to be used. That's what the weekend is for. Huzzah!

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