Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Execution


I successfully went home with dad. He only had to work thirty minutes later than me and I used that time to water my plant and clean up my desk. However, it had been a while since we got a chance to chat, and he was busy telling me something when we should have been listening to the traffic report saying there was an accident on the bridge that we had to cross. Yes, I heard it and, no, I did not point it out. We both made a mistake here. We ended up spending two and a half of what ultimately turned out to be a three hour drive in Virginia, and about two of those hours was spent sitting on the same stretch of one mile roadway on the bridge approach. Bad decision made, and lived with. In other news, the lovely Phoenix procured tickets for us to see Jeff Dunham when he comes to the area in January. Yippie!

Fall trees


The little festival started at 1000. We figured (with the aid of various online mapping software) that it would take two hours and change to get to the festival just outside of Richmond. We left exactly when we wanted to (0800-ish), made unbelievably wonderful time down Route 301 South, and arrived just as it was beginning. We walked around, looked at the crafts for sale, pet the alpacas, bought a few things, and then sat for the last three hours or so with my brother and Moon at their table. They have a dog who offered some excitement for the day. It wasn't exactly boring, because we got to visit with our family.

After the festival, we headed back to my brother's place and the out to a very nice steakhouse for dinner. Stay back, the fried onion didn't stand a chance. We descended on that thing like we hadn't eaten in days! After that, we realized the hotel we were staying in was not the same hotel mom and I stayed in last time, and drove around a bit trying to find it.

More fall trees


It was a nice room, and mom was very pleased because it was just a block away from a Catholic church. I went with her to Mass, which I really haven't done since we were in England. The church was old and quaint, and had been expanded in an odd way that I can't really describe.

We visited with my brother again for a while before heading to the park, around 1130 or so. This is 105 miles at 35 mph. We stopped for lunch about twenty miles in. Somewhere near halfway through, the trek came to a halt as a helicopter landed in a field to transport a fallen hiker to some nearby hospital. It was about 1700 when we reached the end of the drive. No, we did not stop at every single overlook.


Then, we made it back to the office, I picked up my car, and here we are!

Parents discuss the view

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