Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Two Day Off

And, like yesterday, here's another of those days that I had to take off or lose PTO. That's alright with me. I did manage to get all the days I needed to not lose any PTO. I'll plan this out for next year at some point.

So, today, I've been catching up on my webcomics. Soon, I'll take out the recycling and play some Guild Wars, probably at the same time as watching a movie. I can multi-task!

Of course, I've also spent the morning shooing my roommate's cat from the dragons. She doesn't just watch them like Miss Luna does, she tries to get them. She won't succeed, but it worries my poor little lizards anyway.

In other news, I found a seller on e-Bay who has the frog clock that I inadvertently threw away. I can't afford it now. I hope it's still there by the time I get paid this week. I hope...I hope... I hope....

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