Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Throw My Own Party

The auto shop didn't look at the check engine issue because Saturn is special. The indicator light doesn't just say "check engine," it says "service engine soon." It's the same thing, but the people in the shop thought it was something else, so they didn't look at it. I'm not ignorant about my car, people! If I say the "check engine" light is on, it's on! Look at it and tell me what it wants (probably an oxygen sensor). Since they didn't look at it, I have to bring it back, but I've been verbally promised a discount on the diagnostic fee because they didn't listen to me. That's fair enough, I suppose. A pain that I have to take it back. The break job ran me less than five hundred, at least this shop charges what they quote.

Between laundry, vacuuming, and cleaning the kitchen, I watched some movies while playing a video game. Yes, I owe you pictures, I know. I'll try to get them up tomorrow.

I managed to get a coupon for the Melting Pot, and there's one right up the road. I was trying to go tomorrow, but Phoenix wanted to go tonight. As it turns out, this place runs a "girl's night out" special every second Tuesday of the month, which is the traditional four-course Melting Pot meal for a mere thirty bucks a person. That's better than my coupon! My previous experiences with this place have been in large groups; it's really very different when it's just two people. I'm not overstuffed at all. We did to a little jog very late (by my standards) to make up for the extra calories. My Grandmother's birthday gift bought me this meal. Thanks, Grandmom!

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