Friday, October 31, 2008

Thanks for the Confidence

As usual, I got quite a number of people telling me that my costume was great and not understanding why I didn't enter the costume contest again. What's really funny about that is half of them, after telling me my costume was great, had to ask what it was! As fabulous as my steampunk airship captain costume is, I'm not surprised that many didn't recognize it. Unless you're a reader of Girl Genus, the style might be beyond you! (One of my coworkers did say "Agatha would approve!" Go me!)

I knew this ensemble wouldn't be a costume winner, unless there was a judge or two who recognized it. Still, most people said I looked better than anyone else. There was one guy with a rock star costume, and I thought he was great. It would have been ok to lose to that, his costume looked like it took some effort and creativity. That's what I like to see. Still no word on who won.

Big to-do at the ministry tonight! Should be funner than ten things that are fun.

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