Monday, October 06, 2008

Not Inept

Phoenix came home yesterday. She had a fun trip, saw many cool things, and brought me a neat leaf-shaped dish. We did a lot of talking about her trip and my exhausting weekend. There was a time last week when I was looking through some pictures and came across a photo of her I took when we went to see Wishful Drinking. When I saw that picture, I immediately thought that I missed my wonderful roommate. It was nice to have the place to myself, and I'm glad she's home.

In her rather hasty departure, Phoenix managed to leave behind three little, quickly-browning bananas. I looked through my collection of cookbooks for a yummy banana bread recipe (she's thrown away too many uneaten bananas) and came across one that called for that marvel of baking essentials, Bisquick. I got a box, whipped up the bread, called it yummy, and took half of it home to my parents on Friday night. Of course, I left a note for Phoenix telling her all the things I wouldn't be there to explain (like the pile of stuff on the floor by her dresser that Miss Luna just kept knocking off, and which eggs were boiled and which were fresh), and ordering her to have some of that tasty bread. Her bananas went to a good cause!

Tonight, I made chicken soup with dumplings. Talk about yummy! I'm going to try not to kill myself with Bisquick, of course, but it's fun to use, and easy and great for a kitchen amateur like me. My soup was so good I burnt my tongue on it. Twice. Oops!

So, overtime at work is continuing. They said "for the month of August." Anyone else remember that? It was supposed to be just August. Yeah, still working late daily. If I thought I was tired yesterday, I'm really tired today. I could only stand an hour extra of work. Yet, I still had energy to cook dinner.

And, I found the energy to load up my teeny tiny iPod, which is currently shuffling away. This thing is great.

I do feel a little bad because I didn't exercise. I'm just too tired. The only reason I'm awake right now is because the computer is running the weekly anti-virus scan and it takes forever on my 300 GB drive and I'll turn off the computer when it's done.

You know, that's silly! I'll wake up in the middle of the night anyway, because the sound of the computer will wake me. I can turn it off then. That's it. Goodnight!

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