Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Welcome Back

The COO of OBC sent an e-mail yesterday morning that I didn't get, being out of the office and all. That e-mail stated all the reasons why, effective immediately, we can only carry over forty hours of PTO instead of eighty like it's been for years. It's apparently some way to cut costs to the company.

Now, everyone is scrambling to fit in five more days off during a busy, holiday, and out-of-the-office-intensive time. I pulled it off with some random days over the next two months: a Tuesday here, a Thursday there.

They also came through and replaced all lights with superbright white tubes. They're probably more energy efficient lamps, as another way to cut costs, but I've got such a headache today! Someone should be coming up to take the lights out of the fixture right above me. I hope that will help.

At least there are only two days of this before the weekend!

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