Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Full Hunter's Moon

If the Harvest Moon is not in October, this moon is known as the Hunter's Moon. Deer are prevalent during this time and easier to spot with the leaves falling and the fields reaped. This is a good time to stock up on meat for the coming winter months when food is more scarce.

Some friends of mine are expecting their second child, who will be my third godson. He is due early November, and his mother has been having a very rough pregnancy. She suffers from pre-eclampsia, which seems to have caused very painful heart palpitations and the occasional panic attack, among other things. My friends asked me for some help.

I started my ritual by casting my circle and lighting two candles. One was a deep blue for healing, peace, and tranquility for the mother and the other was a light baby boy blue that has the same properties but was used to represent her baby. As the candles burned, I sent calm to them both. I then filled them with Reiki by distance. Simple, but effective.

Now, one does not need to be a Reiki master to send healing energy, and one does not need an esbat to use Reiki. I used this night that is set aside for spell work to combine the two, the method of healing that I used before I was attuned to Reiki, and Reiki as well. I will also continue with Reiki until their son is born (and after, if they wish it). I have no doubt that I will have a healthy godson, even without my healing energy. Pre-eclampsia describes symptoms that can have a number of causes, so the healing sent in this ritual is really for calm and for peace. The condition does not necessarily mean that something is wrong, and the doctors are agreeing. I know she will have relief.

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