Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Got Mad Skillz

One of my coworkers, Greg, was complaining to me a few weeks ago that a contact kept calling him Gary in correspondence. And one day they called him George! "Greg" isn't a hard name, but they just weren't getting it right, even though all his e-mails back to him were signed with his actual name.

So, I started calling him by a different name when he got to the office in the morning. He was really surprised! Then he decided he was going to play along too, but instead of just finding other names that begin with E, he was going to go through the alphabet. I kept with the G names.

I've used Gilligan, Giles, Gilderoy, Gilgamesh, Graham, Gulliver, Gomez, Garfield, Geordie, Gustav, Gandalf, Gawain, Galileo, Gabriel, Gershwin, and Gaston. This morning he said he was really impressed that I can find so many G names. It's cuz I got mad skillz! I told him I was sure he would run out of alphabet before I ran out of G names. We are almost to the end of the alphabet, and I still have plenty of names!

It was a fun game!

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Truthsong said...

Sounds like such fun!