Thursday, March 22, 2012

That Is the Question

My awesome artist friend Rain wanted to play around with the colors of my tattoo image and I completely and totally love what she did with it! So, only one question remains.

To outline

Or not to outline?

(this image is a little 'outside of the lines' that the final image will not be, so don't judge on that, please!)

I'm leaning towards the outline because I worry that the yellow flame tips will get lost against my pale hide. It also makes the gradients look cleaner and gives definition to the knotwork. The not outlined one is very nice and I think will give it a more organic feel, something that just fits with the vaguely fiery theme. As always, I'm happy to hear opinions!


Anonymous said...

I say outline, all mine are outlined and it keeps them crisp looking even years later.
I love the design and what she did with the colors!

Anonymous said...

I like the outline. I have yellow on mine, and without outline, it blends into my skin and it hard to see. I wish it was thick enough that I could have it outlined.


Anonymous said...

Outline Definitely!


Truthsong said...

I like the outline, too, which is funny, because I usually don't. But in this case, it seems to really highlight the colors.