Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Something Completely Different

If you read my FB page, you might have seen that I've decided it's time to get my first tattoo. I've wanted this design for years but a number of things held me back (honestly, one of them was someone I was dating who liked to dictate what I did with my body, and me getting a tattoo was one of those things he didn't want, but I digress). This was drawn by Sqwerl when I asked her to design a logo for my Gnome-selling business. One of the things that she came up with was this awesome Celtic knot-ish fiery thing she said was inspired by my name, which ended up in the name of my store, Fyrecreek's Bazaar.

That symbol, like the name, came to represent me- though the truth is I wanted it as a tattoo the instant she presented the first rough sketch of it to me. I've been spending a lot of time with it lately, knowing that I'm finally going to do this. I've noticed new shapes in the artwork, pieces of it started to stand for certain things. I've really been contemplating color, as that's the only thing I'm not 100% decided on at this point. I was playing around with it, and these are some of the things I've been thinking about. These are still pretty rough, and limited to what I can get Microsoft Paint to do simply because I haven't loaded the image on the computer that has my preferred image software on it yet. I also have a print out and plan to attack it with colored pencils. But, for just a rough idea, this will do.

Purple is my favorite color. Purple has to be involved. I don't think I like the full solid though.

Purple and blue go well together and I wear a lot of blue because my eyes are blue. I'm more fond of blue than I often admit. I don't think this will do, though.

Purple goes well with green, another favorite color, and blue. This isn't bad.

I initially said I don't want fiery colors like reds and oranges because I'm not all that into those colors. But I thought I'd try it with fiery colored-points, because the 'fire' is part of the point (hehe). Actually, I quite like this one. The purple highlights the vague heart shape in the center, the red and orange cover the fiery bits, and the green and blue that are still part of my favorite color palette fills in the rest.

What do you think? Any other combinations I should consider? (Yes, it’s my skin and I’ll have to live with it for the rest of my life, but I’m open to suggestions! I might absolutely love what you have in mind, who knows?)


Truthsong said...

I really like the last one, too. It's quite vibrant! With the color changes, are you considering a gradient transition, by any chance?

Fyrecreek said...

Yes, exactly! I'm sure my artist can put those colors together better than what I can do in paint, but that's the general gist. I really didn't think I wanted the reds at all, but I really really like that now that I see it!

Anonymous said...

I like the last one as long as you add a little bit of yellow between the green and peach. Also I'm not a huge fan of peach I prefer orange. even light orange is more vibrant than peach. so that's my opinion.

Fyrecreek said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Fae!

The problem I have with adding yellow is that then it gets into rainbow territory. While I have no problem with rainbows and I totally support the rights of the GLBTQ community and just because they use rainbows doesn't make rainbows off-limits, rainbows tend to send a certain message that is not the message my body art needs to covey. I might do yellow instead of orange, but not both.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah forgot GLBTQ uses rainbows as their symbol. rainbows are one of my favs. I don't wear them a lot anymore for the same reason. If every person I met knew me and weren't ignorant and prejudiced I'd wear rainbows all the time. I think I love them because it covers a lot of pretty colors all at once. Once in a coloring book i colored a unicorn red( one of my favorite colors) and then his tail, mane and horn rainbow colors.


Fyrecreek said...

That's exactly it! I am quite fond of rainbows, but a good deal of people attribute a certain meaning to them. I think I would just get irritated if I had to explain over and over that something permanent on my skin was not that meaning!