Sunday, September 18, 2005

All The Way Through

You guessed it, I stayed for the whole thing, even through *most* of dinner. We went to Jaspers and had some of the most horrible service. It took a good 20-30 minutes just to bring us water, even though we said we were all dehydrated and needed it. Then half of the drinks came out. Then we had to ask for the soup/salad orders. Then the other half of the drinks came out (after going to the kitchen and asking for them), and half of the meals. Then we had to ask at least 3 times for drink refills (the caraf of water he brought us was 3/4 ice). It was just unbelievable.

We were only a party of 6, not the usual 10-20, and should have been no problem. We were not a rowdy bunch, and we're not hard to please. When we go out, it's simple. Bring us water, keep it coming, bring us food, get the empty glasses/dishes out of the way. We tend to leave a pretty good tip for these simple things. I doubt this guy even got a tip as we were discussing, but I wouldn't know because it took him so long to even come and ask if we were ready for the bill that I had gone home already.

I can tell you, this won't be a place we will return to any time soon.

Today is supposed to be less hot, but I had a really hard time getting to sleep. Our neighbors had a loud-music party until midnight. Then I just couldn't get to sleep (too much tea at dinner, maybe). We'll see, same rules apply as yesterday: mask, go home if I have to.