Tuesday, September 06, 2005

And That's the Weekend

But it was nice.

See, I'm trying to be more affirmative. Like turning a negative thought like "I'm going to be late" into a positive thought like "I will arrive at work safely." If I think negative things, that's all I need to bring them about. But we all know that's not what we really want. So, replace that negative thought with a positive affirmation.

Then meditate, pet soft purring kitties, read an children's book before bed, and play in a garden. That's all you need for a nice, relaxing day. It's especially important now when we're being bombarded with scenes of disaster and the blame game.

This is unhealthy for us and our lives. Lives go on, and so they should, and so they shall. I want my life to be filled with positive influences. Support, kindness, strength, and love are key.

Over the weekend, I started every day with a meditation exercise I learned in acting class (yes, actors meditate and practice Yoga and Pilate's as a form of actor-training) and another grounding exercise. I went through my day, and ended each by reading a story to my cat.

On Saturday, I read Yurtle the Turtle, by Dr Seuss. This is one of my favorite stories from my childhood. The book had records on each page and a little record player. I can still remember the voice of the woman reading. I must have drove my parents nuts! While I was reading to one purring cat on my bed, the other cat pushed open the door and sat there to listen. it was so cute. I love my kitties!

Don't let me forget to tell you about the tail!