Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Dust Flies

My mom and I went to the Faire. We walked through clouds of dust that rose up in droves from the village walkways. Dust, dust, dust.

Mom bought a coat from Half Moon (I've been wanting one for years). I got a new moonstone to replace the broken one in my divination kit. (I don't think I told you about that, it's a lithomancy kit and the moonstone came in three pieces. The funny thing is, by chance, I got three moonstones to replace it!). We watched the Squire walk on a burning wire for the first time, and then went home early. It was a long weekend.

(ThriveFest wasn't all that. There was lots to do, mostly for kids, and a lot of really good food. It was fun, but we didn't stay long.)

So, I turned in my work this morning. And Mom and I watched a movie when we got home from Faire. It was nice to rest a bit. Four years ago had a very different end to a very different day. And even in four years, those people are constantly in my thoughts.