Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Let Me Tell You About the Tail

So, I bought a tail at the Renaissance Festival. I think they said it was once a lynx. Yes, it is an actual tail that was once a growing part of a little furry critter, and I clipped it to my basket. I've never had an urge to buy a tail before, so the fact that I did still surprises me.

So, I'm getting ready to go to the Faire to work. I put the basket down on the floor and went to make breakfast. I heard this strange sound and knew that the kitten, Miss Luna, was playing with the tail. I went in to watch and she, upon seeing me, grabbed the tail and turned to run. But she's not strong enough to pull the basket, so the tail slipped out of her mouth. She turned back around and tried again. Same thing. And again. And again the same thing! The fourth time, she turned around, looked at me, looked at her toy, then ran off without it. It was so cute!

The next day, I put the basket down knowing she would play with the tail again. I was right, and this time she didn't run when I watched her. I saw her jump against the wall, kick off, and pounce on the tail from above!

That kitten! How cute!