Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Fiddle Dee Dee

This is going to be a long week. I'm doing other things at work (than my regular stuff) and I still don't like it much. So, since I should be working, I'm going to tell you this story.

Remember when I mentioned the Baby Dragons, the anoles they sell at PA RennFaire? I wanted one, but was sure my cats would eat it.

Just before dinner on Wednesday night, poor Miss Luna started coughing. We like to move the cats on to the tile floors when they do this (easier to clean, and us holding them seems to calm them down), but they tend to run from us. I caught up with Miss Luna, and knelt on the floor to pick her up. I noticed something wet and slimy against my ankle where I knelt, and was sure she had already coughed up the hairball.

She stopped coughing so I rolled over, cat in arms, to see what was on the carpet. It was not a hairball, or anything else one would expect a cat to cough up. It was a slimy, tooth-marked, headless anole body! I hollered for someone to bring some paper towels and a wet one I could use to clean my ankle. We were a little surprised, to say the least. Not that Miss Luna would have killed one, but how did it get in the house anyway?

Yup, I was right. I can't have a Baby Dragon. My cat would eat it!