Friday, September 02, 2005

I'm Feeling Better

By a bit.

I've been low on energy lately, like there's too much to do and only one of me to do it. It's a really good thing that EverQuest Guiding isn't one of them right now! Though I do miss it still, I'm enjoying the freedom I have without those obligations.

My cat has been sleeping with me the past several nights. I don't want to draw energy from her, but wonderful things happen when a cat purrs you to sleep. My card designs have been coming along. It's not an easy task; I'm using two programs that don't talk to each other so I have to use a third program to put the completed images together. There is therapy in creating, I don't miss the energy I use to design.

There are new products on my webstore! Some new shirts and postage (yup, actual stamp you can stick on an envelope to pay for mail) are already up, look for a mini button, rectangle magnet, 2006 12-month calendar, light colored hats, and a few other things will be coming soon(tm)! Get looking! I'll start putting my tarot card images on merchandise if you let me know you want them!