Sunday, April 01, 2007

Alright, Already!

I heard the hint. I heard it when it was being screamed at me. I took the hint. Read the wall. Whatever. I get it. I did it.

My mother and I just finished watching The Secret. It's not a film like The Fountain, which was metaphysical and thought-provoking. It's not a film like Jurassic Park, where you sit and watch a story being told before you. This film, I think, was intended to be a key to a door that will open up your life as you truly want it to be.

The Secret is the Law of Attraction. Physicists know it, Metaphysicists know it, Hermetists know it, witches know it. This is the basic law that like attracts like: what you think will manifest. Some call it magic, some call it luck, the truth is it is both of those and neither. It is something that is open to everyone.

Without giving you a little lesson on the principals of life that Doreen Virtue, PhD calls "Divine Magic," I'm just going to say one thing. If you haven't seen the film or read the Emerald Tablet (or The Kybalion that is the basis of Hermetics, the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus as written on the Emerald Tablet) go find it. Watch it, maybe pick up the book. Watch and believe. You can command your life.

Signs were everywhere that I needed to see this film. It contained principals and concepts that I knew and believed but did not put into every day practice. I got the message.

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Willow Goldentree said...

Welcome to the dark side. *wink* I'm very happy to hear you got to watch that. YAY!