Sunday, April 15, 2007

As Predicted

Wind and rain, and rain, and rain, and rain. Good thing we didn't make any plans today!

Actually, I have nothing to report here either. I spent the day playing Final Fantasy VI for the GameBoy Advance on my DS. All day.

I was reminded, while sitting there battling the evil forces of Kefka and the Geshtalian Empire, how much my brother and I loved this game (released as FFIII on the SNES). The story was good, the game play was new and varied (compared to previous FF games that we also loved to play) and it was like two games in one. (I'm almost to the end of the first half. They changed the words to the opera!!) Then they released it on the Playstation in Final Fantasy Anthology, with nifty new CGI movies (drool-worthy) and Final Fantasy V (which I also have for the GBA, and FFIV and 1 & 2, and FFIII for the DS. I love my Final Fantasy, can you tell?).

Ok, I'm sure all you non-gaming types and you non-rpg-gaming types out there are wondering how long I can blab on about a video game. A LOT! But I'll stop there for today. What else can you expect me to talk about today? The rain? The wind? That's all that's happening.

And also keep in mind that I may not be the writer I am today without all this wonderful gaming inspiration!

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Willow Goldentree said...

I'm used to it. *wink* Glen goes on, and on, and on about games alllll the time.