Monday, April 02, 2007

Ever Had Blisters on the Roof of your Mouth?

It's...not very pleasant. Take a huge bite of a fresh-out-of-the-oven piece of pizza and you'll know what I mean. Actually, don't do that. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Oh, so yucky.

The weather was perfect for baseball! It would have been more perfect if the home team actually won. Unfortunately, no one seems to think that the Washington Nationals are going to do well this year. And why not? The *#&^#&$ owners traded away most of the good players when they took over. For the first time, the first game was actually a home game, and they still couldn't win (9 to 3 to the Florida Marlins).

And next year, they'll have a brand-spankin new stadium, DC United will have one too, and the beloved and historical RFK will sit quietly once more. I actually heard that city officials wanted to take it down. That's crazy! And would be a sad, sad day. Even worse than when they blew up the CapsCenter (which was pretty cool, but also sad).

How long can I ramble on about sports stadiums? Don't worry, that's it. I'm tapped. And let that pizza cool before you bite it! Oh, so yucky! And painful too!

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