Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just Chief and Traveller and Whiskey

This was an awesome day for a ride! And to make it one better, the other people with the 1100 reservation didn't show. That means it was just Fox and I with our guide.

Fox rode Whiskey again, and brought up the rear of the line again, and I rode a pretty white horse named Traveller. The guider's horse was Chief. Chief really didn't like Traveller. He wanted to run away. A lot. And fast.

It was really fun that way too. I'm still a beginner, but I can handle my horse at a (really) fast trot. And with such a small group, the guide let the horses run a bit more than he did last week, with more people in the line.

The recent rain made the whole trail area lush and green. It was wonderful.

And, as promised, I did not fall on the dismount! Told you so!

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