Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's Gone

I woke up early this morning as usual, and I thought about something, and about this something I thought, "Aha! I should write about that in my blog today!" Damned if I know what that something was now.

I know! I'll give you a link-fest instead!

Warmer weather means outdoor faire and festival season. Now if the warmer weather would just get here.

So, it starts with the Southern Maryland Celtic Festival on April 28th. Then we have the Maryland Faerie Festival on May 19th and 20th. The Virginia Renaissance Faire starts May 19th and runs weekends through June 17th. During that run, we have the Potomac Celtic Festival on June 9th. After that is Celtic Fling and Highland Games on the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire grounds June 22nd through the 24th. Then there's a little bit of a break before the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire starts on August 11th and runs through October 28, and then the good ole home-based Maryland Renaissance Festival from August 25th through October 21st. Whew!

Add to that: weekend kayaking and horseback riding (not at the same time!), maybe a hop into town now and then, Wednesday night sailing, and somewhere in there my trip to Idaho, and I'm looking at one busy Summer!

The most wonderful time of the year, says I!


Willow Goldentree said...

Wow lady! You'll certainly be busy! Good for you. :)

Anann said...

HA! I just got a visual of you horseback riding and kayaking at the same time. Maybe the horse would be in the kayak, although, there's not usually a lot of room for that...Or maybe the kayak would be on the back of the horse...Either way, the horse is getting a raw deal. :)

Fyrecreek said...

Well, I've had to lead the kayak through shallow water like a horse before. Does that count? :)