Monday, April 23, 2007

Lots of Hurting

I admit, if it didn't hurt too much yesterday, I feel like the first time I went snowboarding today. Shoulders and arms and legs and ankles and back and bum and a really big knot on my right side. I couldn't walk very fast today at all, or type for that matter. And every time I took the stairs (yes, more than once) I thought about how stupid that was to do! Ouch.

The other night, Callie decided to eat a piece of scotch tape. She started to cough, quietly and gingerly so as to not wake me up (I was already awake). That wasn't working though, so she let out a mighty hoark! That worked. Poor thing. I sat up and turned the light on to make sure she was ok. She just looked at me all innocent and her stomach made the strangest gurgling sound, and she looked kind of guilty. Silly cat shouldn't have tried to eat the tape!

I have an interview tomorrow. I feel really good about this position, I know I'm going to be great at it. I know it's a good move for me. If you could send some happy job-getting thoughts my way, I would really really appreciate it!


Willow Goldentree said...

Happy Job-getting thoughts!!

Silly Callie, those kitties never know when to not eat something.

Anann said...

Good luck! You're in my thoughts! :D