Friday, April 06, 2007

I Figured it Out

See, January felt like April. And now that April is here, it feels like January. They switched places! Nobody consulted me about it! I want April back! They're calling for snow tomorrow! SNOW!! Some places already have snow! AHHH!

We were going to pay a visit to the Sakura tomorrow, but not in the snow! The news report said the blossoms were looking a little ragged anyway. What a shame. Next weeks National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade will be without the guests of honor. This happens a lot, actually, but it's still disappointing. The National Cherry Blossom Festival is very popular, but they can't really schedule a major tourist attraction around when the trees actually bloom. I'm not sure why that is, but there's the reason. I'm sad that I will see no National Sakura this year. Check out some cool festival details here if you like! We're going to the parade anyway.

So, tomorrow instead of viewing Sakura in the Snow, I get to stay home and bake a cheesecake! It's a good thing for the snow, I guess, because my cheesecake takes three hours in the oven and I wasn't sure when I'd be able to make it otherwise.

It hasn't started snowing yet. It is a whole 39°F out there though. Yike! Come back, April!

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