Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I was having dinner with a friend this evening. The only snag with that is she gets off of work at 1730 and I get off at 1530. This gave me a good two hours to kill around the office. It was simple enough; we have a fitness room and I was able to spend a good hour on the elliptical machine.

While I was there, another coworker, with whom I am not acquainted, came in to use the facility. He warmed up for a little more than two minutes by going backwards very quickly on an elliptical, then did a bunch of seemingly random things with the weight machine and free weights. At one point, he positioned himself on the bench with some pretty large weights and attempted to (read: audibly struggled to) do some chest flies. He might have lifted the weights three times before dropping them with a loud thud and an exasperated sigh. Then he sat there for a few minutes and did it again.

I'm not sure how effective a work out that is. I don't think free weights are ever intended to be dropped on the floor like that. It makes me wonder if he was trying to impress the girl on the elliptical (who, mind you, was in her own little iPod world and only saw what was happening out of the corner of her eye because he was being so loud about it) or if he was simply moving to heavier weights sooner than he ought.

I must say it seemed like his routine lacked direction, or even routine for that matter. He looked like a pretty fit guy and like he should have known a thing or two about working out, but his behavior in the little gym did not match that. And the dropping of the weights was just one example! I don't think that's quite how work-outs are supposed to work. But, more power to the guy for the attempt.

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