Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Someone sent me work that was not in the right format for me to work. I informed them of this. The reply I got was "I refuse to do it that way."

I had about fifty snappy come-backs run through my mind, but opted instead to forward that message to Adolf and say I did not appreciate the tone that was clearly conveyed in the e-mail (not to mention that I don't think we had a more-than-hour-long meeting a year ago to establish procedures to have reps declare they will refuse to follow them).

Thankfully, Adolf and Boss² saw my point of view and sent the issue off to that rep's supervisor for correction.

I think I learned something. I learned that it doesn't serve to argue and it doesn't serve to argue back. I also learned that it's ok to bother my supervisor with those issues and that I could do so while holding my tongue to the offender and without angry typing.

I think, and I hope the powers that be noticed, that also means my behavior has much improved since the time when I did respond to things as my temper dictated. I feel pretty good about that.

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