Saturday, March 28, 2009

Home Again

Mom decided not to look at dogs today. Instead, we went shopping. I bought a lot of things for my kayaking trip this summer (shoes, travel/camping supplies, things like that) and a new bonsai. I've been missing having one, so I'm going to try to raise a different kind of tree.

After shopping, we picked up dad and went to the movies. We saw Rush to Witch Mountain, which wasn't a bad film and was (of course) done much better than the originals from the 70's. Other than the alien children with neat powers and that they had to go to Witch Mountain, it wasn't related to the first film or its sequel either. But, it was entertaining, and that's the whole point.

Now, it's time for some good quality TV. I missed The Mentalist this week because Comcast is stupid, but thankfully, my mother recorded it. Yay, VCR!

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