Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weather Control

Or rather, that we have none.

The maple festival that we were going to go to today is over the ridge of mountains, about an hour away from my brother's place. That's no big deal except that area was looking at freezing rain, and it would be inadvisable to attempt the mountain crossing in such conditions. We opted instead to go to the local book fair.

It was nice. There were a lot of books, and most of them were in the $5 ballpark. They advertise as 60-90% off the cover prices, which was about right. I got a few books I had been eyeing and found a few more to learn some more trade tricks.

After that, we returned to my brother's home and watched a movie while Moon and I took the time to crochet. We can't control the weather, and we will likely not have enough time in the day to try for the maple festival again either. That's ok, it happens every year in conjunction with my brother's birthday. We'll try again next time.

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