Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Hare Moon and a Wishing Moon

While this month is called the hare moon, which is quite fitting for the season, according to 7th House, there are four Wishing Moons throughout the year as well. A Wishing Moon is just what it implies; it is a time to make a wish and to wait for its fulfillment.

I had planned a certain working for this Esbat but ended up doing something else entirely. Perhaps this something else was more in line with the energies of the Wishing Moon than I could really have planned. I did something I have not done in quite some time: I went out on a date!

It may seem like a simple enough thing, but I see it as living. Whatever does or does not come from one dinner date, I went out into the world and spent a nice evening living in it.

Esbats may be set aside for spell casting, but there is no greater way to honor the phases of the moon and the cycle of life than to experience it. My wish is simply to never forget that I deserve my own happiness, in whatever form that may take.

May the hares find you warm and happy and taking an active role in your life.

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