Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh Yeah

I didn't have anything to write today. And then I remembered I was going to talk about my weekend. Plans have changed, but I'm still going home.

My mother wants a dog (I just typed "my mother wants a god"). Really, dog. Yorkie, to be precise. She wanted me to come with her tomorrow to help her pick one, because I used to work at an animal hospital and may notice things she'd miss. Now, she's not sure about the dog, so we'll see how tomorrow goes.

She also told me that two people were murdered in the neighborhood yesterday and a third is in critical condition. While my parents and I didn't know them, it's still shocking. The report called it a home invasion robbery, and the police think it was not random. I guess that's a small comfort.

I never really worried about my safety in that neighborhood. Sure, all places get the occasional group of delinquents, but it was never dangerous. We used to play outside at night. People are hardly ever walking around in the dark (of course, yesterday's horrible incident happened in the afternoon, so what does that mean?).

I'm still trying to understand all of this, even as I remind myself that it's not really something that a normal, sane person can understand. I don't think it can be understood at all. Still, that doesn't stop me from wanting to understand, and at the same time, not wanting to. That kind of thing doesn't happen there. It just doesn't.

And then it does. And then what do you do?

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