Friday, September 21, 2007

All My Doing

Oh, I just had an awful day! It's starting to catch up with me that I don't return most of the voice mail messages. I knew it would one day, and I brought it upon myself (even if management is incapable of making sure people are signed on to take calls when they should be). No, I didn't get in trouble or anything like that. Not yet, anyway.

Work just came crashing in on me today. The phone ringing, the e-mails, the voice mails (believe it or not, some days I do answer them all), the new employees who refuse to learn the correct way to send me work. I had to tell the newest one how to do it the right way five times, and he still wasn't doing it! I should only have to tell you once, maybe twice, by then, if you can't get it, you need to go back into training. When he started hounding me about getting his incorrectly-sent work done, that's when I lost my patience.

I didn't get a chance to play around on my bike today. My mother was going to pick up my grandmother's car and use that to get to work while my brother has the CR-V, but we went to pick up my bike yesterday. Mom drove my car to work today, but we had to go to my grandmother's and get her car tonight. When I was hoping to be taking pictures of my new toy in the daylight. I won't get another chance for that until Sunday. I will get better pictures for you, though!

I'm dreading working at the faire tomorrow, but I can't elaborate on that here. It's Adventure Weekend (which used to be Pirate Invasion Weekend), so I just spent the last forty minutes putting my hair up in rollers. The curls go with the costume, get it?

My hair is rather fine and bone straight. To get it to curl, I need a quarter of a bottle of extra strength Wash'N'Curl, special soft spiral rollers, lots of moose and hair spray, at least eight hours to let it sit (usually spent overnight), lots more moose and hair spray, and occasionally a blow dryer. If it's not too humid, my curls will last for two or three days. With the weather what they say it will be tomorrow, they may not last to the night. Yeah, I'm dedicated.

That's all I've got for today! TV in twenty!

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