Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Comes and Goes

Work was rather annoying today.

You may remember how much I dislike the phone, how I have to answer the voice mail and be prepared to take calls for four hours. Well, with training on Friday morning and all the work that fell behind, I didn't get a chance to check the voice mail on Friday. With all the back-up work I was doing yesterday, in addition to the stuff that my back-up was not doing, I didn't get a chance to check the voice mail yesterday either. Today, I got yelled at because the inbox was full and people could no longer leave messages. This is upsetting, because you know WAM did not get yelled at for all the calls on Thursday that did not get answered during WAM's shift (apparently, WAM never signed on Thursday to take those calls, and I was ordered not to jump in during someone else's shift, even though I have to answer the messages that get left). Grrr.

So, a new study was released today that indicated the DC area ranks second in the country for the worst traffic. DUH! We're behind LA and tied with San Francisco and Atlanta. As if we need to be told the traffic here is bad.

I have a friend who is going over the Thesaurus Arcanum for me. You know, checking out the layout and organization, looking at the information (which isn't much right now), that kind of thing. If she likes how it's looking and I don't have much to change, I should be able to get the site up soon, even as there are still quite a lot of things to add to it. It is moving right along.

I still don't have much to say. I've been very tired lately, but not sleeping very well. I think on that note, I'll be going to bed.

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