Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Got My Bike!

I got my bike! I'm so very excited about it! I took it for a spin around the parking lot (it's been years since I rode a non-stationary bike)! It will take some getting used to, only because it has been so long.

And here it is all folded nice and compact!

Unfortunately, it is night and dark and I didn't get a very good picture (even worse of it not folded). That's ok, tomorrow I'll have some time with daylight to take some good pictures for you. I'm so very happy!

On Monday, when dad and I got home from work, mom was outside looking all forlorn. I asked what was wrong and she mumbled "nothing." Then she said that my brother had called and wanted to borrow the CR-V for the week. He and a friend were going to a cabin in the mountains, and the CR-V was the best-suited vehicle for the trip. My mother told him he could borrow the car, but was all sad about it.

My brother just left. He came by to drop off his car and pick up ours. We visited for a minute, I showing off my new bike and he showing off his new shotgun. One day, maybe I can go shooting with him. If you're laughing now, remind me to show you the target from the first time I ever shot a gun.

My brother also told us that they were looking at a house in Harrisonburg, and were hoping to close on it this month or next. It's got some flaws, as houses go (like a pool that hasn't been used in years), but otherwise is a good size; three bedrooms, two full baths, set back on two acres. Sounds nice! And they really need to get out of where they are. They've been living with my sister-in-law's sister's family for about a year, and it's really hard on them.

If this house has everything they want (I'm not sure how they plan to fit four children into it, which is how many they want, but hey! Maybe they can expand), I hope they get it. That's exciting.

So, I got to see my brother today, the CR-V is gone for the week, and I have a new bike to play with! Oh, how I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow!

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Willow Goldentree said...

YAY for new bikes! Good luck, I hope you don't fall off. hehe :P