Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Disappearing Coffee

WAM is out today (and tomorrow, and the next day) and I have to do the work that won't get done. There are two main jobs that WAM does, I was ordered by Adolf to only worry about one of them (because OBC gets fined if they don't get completed).

I'm ok with this, this is what that big training session a couple weeks ago was for. So, at about 0830, I went to the folder to pick up the file that I was supposed to worry about. Keep in mind that while doing this, my regular stuff with the 1500 deadline does not get worked. Formatting the report is time-consuming. Really time-consuming. It probably took thirty minutes just to get the report to the place where I could start working it.

Add to this having to answer the phone during my shift and WAM's, and don't forget about my regular stuff, and the voice mail, and the group e-mails. I just finished that report. Just finished!

It took me all day!! I have a couple breaks in there to do the really urgent things of my normal work, and of course answering the phone, and it's a good think I only take thirty minutes for lunch. That friggin' thing took me all damn day! It was so long that I don't even remember finishing my coffee. I remember getting it, and drinking some. But something happened to the last third of the cup that I'm sure I didn't finish.

I really wanted to print that report out and fold it up into a little airplane and burn it with a magnifying glass.

And I get to do it all again tomorrow. Maybe I'll sleep better tonight, and the report will only have twenty lines to update as opposed to today's eighty. Here's hoping.

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