Monday, September 10, 2007

It Just Needs Water

In the cubeland that is my office, there is a cabinet. On the cabinet, there is a peace lily. Most days, this plant likes it here. It is green and lush and thriving. It has dutiful caretakers when I'm on vacation, and people who look out for its well-being even when I'm there. You can imagine that the sight of this on this Monday morning caused quite a stir.

I've seen it happen before; my Lily looking all wilted and droopy. But this was wilted and droopy with yellowing leaves and bone-dry soil. Poor Lily needed water!!!

I set to work right away, and filled it to overflowing. Then cleaned it up. When this has happened before, it was usually nice and perky by the end of my work day. Alas, this picture was taken at the end of my work day.

Through the course of the day, Lily's various caretakers came to my desk to inquire after Lily's health. I told them he was just dry, and should perk up (despite the fact that I made sure he had water before I left for the weekend). Maybe the recurring air conditioning problems dried him out over the weekend? Hopefully this time, they're fixed for good.

Whatever the cause, I'm expecting to see him nice and perky when I get there in the morning. And then I'll clip away the yellow leaves and everything will be ok again. He shouldn't need repotting yet, but if he dries out fast, I'll know that's what he needs.

Yes, today I learned that my plant is the most popular being in the office. Even people I don't regularly speak with came by to show their concern for Lily. Go figure!

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