Monday, September 03, 2007

I Already Can't Breathe!

And today, I had nothing but RennFaire dust to breathe!

That's as it tends to be, unless it has rained recently (it has not). It wasn't a record-breaking day, to be sure. The shop was busy, but not too busy. I'm ok with that, actually. I wasn't completely up to par as it is. But I went armed with lots of tissues and hand sanitizer!

We have a hat in the back room that's one of my favorite styles in a deep, smooth velvet, purple. No, I didn't buy it, but I sure wanted to! I have a feeling if it's still there when next I work, it will be mine. Then again, this hat did have gold trim and I'm more of a silver-wearing person. I've never asked my boss for a custom hat, but for this, I might. Hmmm...maybe it's good that I didn't buy it after all....

It was a hard day's work, and I'm ready to wash off the dust and go to bed!

Oh, one more note about my friend's wedding on Saturday. Apparently, she called and left a message on my cell phone early Saturday morning. I tell everyone that my cell phone should be the last point of contact, but everyone who has the number uses it as the first. Anyway, we arrived at the place on Saturday rather early, and I checked for messages then. There were none. This message that she left didn't actually get to me until yesterday evening, when I called Fox to tell him not to worry about picking me up today (as was the plan). Had I gotten the message, I would have known that she still wanted me to do a reading, and would have been able to accost the groom for a copy of it to read over! Ah, well! I think it worked out anyway. Remind me to apologize that her message did not get to me in any sort of timely way!

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