Saturday, September 08, 2007

Order Placed

Originally, mom and Fox and I were going to go hiking today. But, I'm still getting over that lingering cold and it's been very hot and humid and we don't want another cold (or another episode of heat exhaustion like the last time we hiked). We'll have to do that another time. Instead, mom and I did some much needed shopping.

On July 4th, while we were wandering around Annapolis, we crossed paths with a couple who had some really strange bicycles. I honestly don't remember if we asked them about their mode of transportation, or if we somehow knew, but we learned that they were riding folding bicycles. Mom and I did some research and decided we wanted some of our own, and found a local bike shop that sold a popular brand. We checked out what was available before my trip to Idaho (they don't keep any in stock so I couldn't get it before my trip). I had to wait for a few more things to happen, but my bike has been ordered! It should be here in a couple weeks. I'm very excited!

I also bought some dolls, something I haven't done in a very long time. They've got some a new Wizard of Oz series that I need to get! I only have the Munchkins and the Winkie and Flying Monkey. I know, I've got six more dolls to get! In time.

All the shopping we normally do is things we need (like groceries), so it was a rather nice change to be able to add some recreational shopping to.

Unfortunately, we've been having some local power issues, and I don't trust it to stay on long enough to do any real work on my websites.

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Willow Goldentree said...

Welcome to the bike-owners-community. ;) I just made that up. :P