Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I'm Melting...Meeeellltiiing!

The air conditioner fan is broken. It happened some time yesterday after lunch.

Imagine, if you will, an enclosed second floor room with three secured entrances and about 100 work stations, each with a 98.6° body (give or take) and a heat-producing computer humming away. Also put into this space two running fax machines, a big hot copy machine, three printers, a microwave, three coffee pots, a broken ice machine, and a rancid refrigerator. We're not even counting the exceptionally bright lights (half of which are off!). Now, turn off the a/c and make it a mere 90° outside. Welcome to my office.

The cold pack that I brought in my lunch is currently between my back and my chair. My hair has been pulled up. And my water becomes room temperature faster than I can drink it. Ick. Don't forget that I've been sick, and still am a bit. This heat is especially torturous.

On the bright side, misery loves company and all 100-odd of us are pretty miserable! What I wouldn't give for a trip through the data center, aka the meat locker, that has it's own cooling system owing to the many very hot servers in a very small space.

At least I get to go home soon! Sooooooonnnnnnnnn..........

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Fyrecreek said...

Oh, get this! They have 10 fans on the floor, not doing any good, and one of them just fell off of the cubicle it was placed on with an office-silencing crash! I guess even a little bit of circulation is just not meant to be!