Sunday, March 02, 2008

And Then There Was More Waiting

The wind was a little cold, but the walk to brunch was welcomed exercise. My mother and I are getting less and less fond of this place that we go every month. We're hoping maybe the group would welcome meeting somewhere else. I did need to run to the hardware store. Really, Annapolis has other things going for it that make it a good meeting place. If only there was a decent place to eat.

With little reminding, dad filled out the form. Thanks, dad! He's actually on his way to Chicago right now for business. But, he did take care of the paperwork, even before he packed, like I asked him to (and I did ask).

Mom and I went by the office and dropped it in the lock box, and then sat in the car in front of my house and marveled at all the stars we could see. Now, there's some more waiting. The sales lady is going on vacation on Tuesday, so the last bits for this loan need to be done tomorrow. I hope to get a call from her soon that all is well. Soon.

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