Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Think I Can Drive to Hell

Really! It's only about 600 miles by road. I could cover that in about ten hours. It's even closer than Daytona's 800+ mile, thirteen hour drive.

There's no easy way to fly to Hell, you see. I can't go direct from here to the airport in Flint, but I can go to Detroit. That one is just a little further away from Hell, though.

It's hard to stay in Hell, too. There are only hotels in nearby towns. If I were to fly, I'd need to rent a car as it is.

Yes, I think I could drive to Hell.

Thinking about road trips is one of the things that makes me sad that Turtle doesn't live nearby anymore. I have no one to road trip with me.

To be fair, I'm sure any of my married friends and their better halves would road trip with me. But really, I spend enough time in the company of married people. That kind of trip is definitely not the same thing!

It'd be hard to do this on my own, but my own is all I have.

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