Sunday, March 23, 2008

Unexpected Places

I've noticed some movies that I am 99.99% certain I bought that have gone missing from my collection. They are two DVDs and a tape, one was bought only a few months ago, and the other two I'd had for years. I am 100% certain about the tape; Kaliis and I used to watch it when she would visit. It's been missing for some time, but I've only been really searching for it for about six months.

The crazy thing about this tape is the fact that it's been missing. It is my only copy of Muppet Treasure Island, which I bought when it came out on video. What's crazy is that it is a tape (bigger and therefore harder to lose than a DVD) and it's in one of those really big plastic cases, like they used to release the Disney tapes in (so it is that much larger of an object to have gone missing). I love this movie, I can't seem to find it on DVD without ordering it online. I've wanted to watch it for months. I've searched every place I can think to look, I asked some friends if I might have loaned it to them, I even had my mother check my grandmother's place (as she sometimes brings movies for them to watch). No luck in any place.

We went to my grandmother's for Easter dinner, as usual. It was a yummy dinner of Whole Foods chicken, with potato salad, broccoli slaw, and lightly steamed asparagus. We took a nice break after dinner with a few interesting episodes of Escape to Chimp Eden on Animal Planet, before slicing a pineapple upside down cake for dessert. Then it was back to the TV where a neat special on the Discovery Channel: Raising the Mammoth. We were contemplating the language settings on my grandmother's TV (it looks like French to me, my grandmother thinks it's something Comcast is doing. It's impossible to explain that Comcast has nothing to do with what appears on the screen when you hit the mute button). We went searching for the TV's original remote so I can fix the language setting. Mom opened up the cabinet under the TV stand and there, plain as day, was my movie.

I shouted, "My movie!" No one knows who put it there, in that cabinet that no one ever goes into, but there it was. Happy day!

Mom and I just finished watching it. I don't care that I'm up late. I love that movie. I'll still search for it on DVD, but I'm so very happy to have it home.

Happy Easter.

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Fox said...

Happy Easter
I'am glad you found the movie.